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I have this nasty rendering issue in IE9 only, IE8 & IE7 works fine as the rest of the browsers.

Open the demo in IE9 and hover over the image. The problem is that in IE9 the text located under the image renders with artifacts.

I was able to resolve the bug by forcing IE9 into IE8 compatibility mode, but still this got stuck in my mind and I am looking for a real resolution.

P.S. I don't have IE10 installed and I wonder if the bug will be there as well...

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This bug can be resolved by wrapping the text in a block-level tag. Update your fiddle as so and the bug goes away:

<div class="itemBtn"><img src=""><br>    <p>IIII THIS IS SOME CRAZY TEXT</p></div></body>

I don't know the rules about text in the <body> tag, but I think it has to be in a block level element at some point. It's probably more a case of invalid markup than an MS bug.

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