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I am trying to debug a crash from one of my kernel module ; I am trying to get source code listing along with output of objdump but it is not listing. Is there something I am missing ?

 mips-linux-objdump -S <filename.o> > temp
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Most likely either a) all debugging information was stripped off the kernel module object file at some point during the build or b) even if the debugging information is there, objdump can't locate the source code files, in which case you might try to cd to where the source files are before running objdump.

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I have checked the Makefiles inside my module, there was no optimization flag defined. I have added -g option to gcc inside my makefile. Not sure about the linker file for each kernel module and where to find it as I have not defined any linker file specific to my module. Looks like a) seems to be the reason why C file is not getting listed but not sure how to enable it in Linux kernel module build ? Any help. –  lxusr Jul 6 '12 at 6:48
Thanks. I could enable the -g option in Kernel Makefile and then get the C source code list in objdump. –  lxusr Jul 6 '12 at 7:24

You need to compile your kernel module with the debug information to have the interleaved source code in the dumped output. Recompile your kernel module with -g -gdb for CFLAGS.

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