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I have a make file that I want to debug. I have a construct such as follow:

ifeq ($(CC_VER),4.3)
error "I am here"
AR             = ar6x qwe
CSL_LIBDIR     = $(CC_DIR)\lib
CSL_INCDIR     = $(CC_DIR)\include
    error "Please check that commands and include/lib path are correct for your version of CC  compiler"

But it doesn't work. run this makefile from a batchfile which set the CC_Ver as follow:

set CC_VER= 4.3

I want to find a way to printout the CC_Ver so I can find why the if doesn't work.

Also how can I generate an error? The error "message" doesn't work.

I am using Gmake.

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You can use the $(error text...) construct for the error. It generates a fatal error where the messsage is text as in:

$(error Please check that commands and include/lib path are correct for your version of CC  compiler)

Similarly, you can use the $(info text...) construct for informational purposes, as in

$(info CC_VER has the value "$(CC_VER)")

See Functions That Control Make for the documentation.

If you are just looking to quickly inspect the value of a variable, you can also use the -p or --print-data-base option to make, which will print all rules and variable values.

The if statement fails because you have space between the = and 4.3 in the set CC_VER command. This space is preserved in your variable value, and consequently $(CC_VER) is not equal to 4.3, but to <space>4.3

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