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I have a base page that uses a ui:include to include another page. The ui:include uses a ui:param to pass a parameter to the included page. The param is read in the PostConstruct method of the included page's controller.

This design works fine until I add a composite component to the base page; once added, the included page controller reports that the ui:param's value is null. Once I remove the composite component from the page, the ui:param is able to be read (i.e. is not null) by the included page's controller. Please help!

Files to reproduce the problem:


<html xmlns:ui=""   

    <ui:include src="includePage.xhtml">
        <ui:param name="myParam" value="myValue"/>





<ui:composition xmlns:ui="">

    The value of the param is: #{includedPageController.myParam}


myComponent.xhtml (placed in "resources/mycomponents")

<html xmlns=""   


        I am the composite component


public class IncludePageController
    String myParam;

    private void init()
        FaceletContext faceletContext = (FaceletContext)FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().
        myParam = (String)faceletContext.getAttribute("myParam");               

    public String getMyParam()
        return myParam;

    public void setMyParam(String myParam)
        this.myParam = myParam;
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See: How do I set Managed Bean field to the value of a ui:param?. There is no standard for doing this sort of thing in the JSF API. A composite or custom component should be used rather than an include/param tag combination.

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