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I have a problem with my JavaScript code. I'm starting with some more complex things right now, seemed to find some answers on the net, but unfortunately I can't get it fixed. The problem is:

I want the variables sGetMobileField and ValMob to get in the parameters, but like this it isn't working:

var oFieldValues = { sGetMobileField:) { Value: ValMob } };

Variables don't seem to work as a object property. Anybody can help me fix it?

Thanks, Dane

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Try this

var oFieldValues = { };
oFieldValues[ sGetMobileField ] = { Value: ValMob };

You can use variables as property identifiers, but not inside an object literal. You have to create the object first, and may then add dynamic properties using

obj[ varToHoldPropertyName ] = someValue;
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You're the best. Thank you very much! – Dane Jul 5 '12 at 15:19

First of all the syntax doesn't look right. I guess the ")" after sGetMobileField: is a typo. However, what are you doing here is set a property called "sGetMobileField":

var oFieldValues = { sGetMobileField: { Value: ValMob } };

Exactly for the same reason that with Value are you set a property called "Value" and not a property that get its name from a Value variable. It is consistent, right? So you will have:

console.log(oFieldValues.sGetMobileFields.Value) // the content of ValMob.

Luckily in JS you can use the square bracked notation instead of the dot notation. It means, you can access to a property using a string. So, for instance:


is the same of:


Therefore, you can use the value of a variable to specify the property of the object to access. In your case:

var oFieldValues = {};

oFieldValues[sGetMobileField] = { Value: ValMob };

Notice that following the naming convention usually used in JS, Value should be value and ValMob should be valMob.

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