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I realize that you can easily set up a dropdownlist in a gridview using a SqlDataSource, but what about a limited list containing only listitems? Putting a Bind in the selected value does not seem to work without a DataSource. Here's an example of what I've got so far.

   <asp:DropDownList ID="Fund"  runat="server" SelectedValue='<%# Bind("Fund") %>' >
      <asp:ListItem  Value="">---</asp:ListItem>
      <asp:ListItem Value="Test1">Test</asp:ListItem>
      <asp:ListItem Value="Test2">Test2</asp:ListItem>

It seems like such a stupid little problem to have, to the point where I'm about to just go make a static 10 row table in my database.

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Try this:

Dictionary<string, string> items= new Dictionary<string, string>();
items.Add("Test1", "Test1");
items.Add("Test2", "Test2");
ddl.DataSource = items;
ddl.DataValueField = "Key";
ddl.DataTextField = "Value";
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Where exactly should I be setting this? I tried in the DropdownList's onDataBinding event, but I'm getting stuck in a loop somewhere. Edit: I see why it would cause a loop there now. Stupid lack of forethought on my part there. – Aerowind Jul 5 '12 at 15:51
Well, I finally got the DDL added using this code through the RowCreated event, but no databinding with the gridview source is occurring. – Aerowind Jul 5 '12 at 16:07
I'm sorry, the problem was totally unrelated and it was just a completely stupid mistake. It was a new field we were adding to a table and I updated the InsertCommand instead of the UpdateCommand. – Aerowind Jul 5 '12 at 18:18

The simplest solution is to create a Dictionary<TKey,TValue> in the code and bind it to the DropDownList or as you mentioned bind it to a static table...

Sample code:

Dictionary<string, string> list = new Dictionary<string, string>();
list.Add("item 1", "Item 1");
list.Add("item 2", "Item 2");
list.Add("item 3", "Item 3");
list.Add("item 4", "Item 4");

ddl.DataSource = list;
ddl.DataTextField = "Value";
ddl.DataValueField = "Key";
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You want to set the DropDownList programmatically. I would really recommend avoiding the user of the SqlDataSource control. It is very clunky and not very good in terms of reuse.

The following piece of code uses the Entity Framework to retrieve data from a database by a user name. Using this function you can bind the needed data to the DropDownList without having to create a SqlDataSource everytime you need to call this procedure.

public List<Record> GetAllRecordsByUserName(string credentials)
    List<Record> recordList;
    using (CustomEntities context = new CustomEntities())

        IQueryable<Section> recordQuery = from records in context.Records
                                              where records.UserName == credentials
                                              select records; 
        recordList = recordQuery.ToList<Record>();
    return recordList;

public void BindDropDown()
    DropDownList1.DataSource = GetAllRecordsByUserName("test.user");
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