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I am trying to tell gradle that files with the *.dsl extension should be compiled as groovy files, so I have added a source set with the inclusion pattern and changed the compile task includes property:

sourceSets {
   dsl_scripts {
      groovy {
         include '**/*.dsl'

compileDsl_scriptsGroovy.includes = ['**/*.dsl']

But when I run the build under a debug mode it skips all *.dsl files with the following message:

Skipping task ':compileDsl_scriptsGroovy' as it has no source files

The following line successfully outputs all the files I try to compile:

println sourceSets.dsl_scripts.allSource.matching({include '**/*.dsl'}).getFiles()

What do I do wrong?

EDIT: I found the following snippet in gradle sources:

FileCollection groovyJavaOnly = spec.getSource().filter(new Spec<File>() {
    public boolean isSatisfiedBy(File element) {
       return element.getName().endsWith(".groovy") || element.getName().endsWith(".java");

spec.setSource(new SimpleFileCollection(groovyJavaOnly.getFiles()));

Is it possible to override?

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It seems to be a gradle bug http://issues.gradle.org/browse/GRADLE-2372

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