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I'm using the Evil Dicom dll. Currently for one of the tags, Counts Accumulated, I can extract and display the VR parameter, LENGTH parameter and TAG DESCRIPTION parameter.

However, I haven't found a way to extract and display the VALUE parameter, i.e. the physical number of the counts accumulated. Everything I have tried up to know keeps giving me errors.

Can someone be kind enough to give me an idea how to extract this information?

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According to the EvilDicom Getting Started page, it should be as simple as this:

DICOMFile df = new DICOMFile("test.dcm");  
int[] countsDataArray = df.COUNTS_ACCUMULATED.Data;
int countsAccumulated = countsArray[0];

COUNTS_ACCUMULATED is of type IntegerString, which has a Data member that returns an integer array. The Value Multiplicity of Counts Accumulated is 1, so you only need to access the first value in the Data array.

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