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I am searching for interfaces for a decklink video device for C# .Net using DirectShowLib.Net.

It seems, there are available, because they are used here: blackmagic SDK in c# Unfortunately there is no information, which library is used and the comment which ask for more information was ignored.

But I don't have an idea, where to find them. Would be nice, if someone can give me an hint.

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SDK is available off Blackmagic website: Blackmagic Design SDKs. The sample code is mostly C++, however a part is in C# as well. The SDK has all IDL files on it and you can convert the interfaces into .NET compatible shape.

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There are also third-party SDKs available, that may be more effective depending on your task. Such as this SDK for ingest & playout.

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Sorry for posting to an old thread. Maybe someone finds it useful.

There is a DeckLink .NET wrapper at GitHub but I find it little use as C# Interop (wrapper) is automatically created if you reference the C:\Program Files (x86)\Blackmagic Design\Blackmagic Desktop Video\DeckLinkAPI.dll in Visual Studio.

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