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Give the Tag/Photo exemple on DataMapper documentation:

 class Photo
   include DataMapper::Resource

   property :id, Serial

   has n, :taggings
   has n, :tags, :through => :taggings

 class Tag
   include DataMapper::Resource

   property :id, Serial

   has n, :taggings
   has n, :photos, :through => :taggings

 class Tagging
   include DataMapper::Resource

   belongs_to :tag,   :key => true
   belongs_to :photo, :key => true

I want to select all tags that has no photos I know I can do { |tag| < 1}

But I'd like more Datamapper syntax. Something like

Tag.all => 1  #not works

Is there a way to do this? Does anyone knows a nice Datamapper documentation for advanced queries? Documentation at the site is very nice, but too basic.


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Tag.all(:photos => nil) will get what you want in 2 SQL queries. If you prefer one complex query, you have to write a custom SQL and execute it with repository(:default)'SELECT ...')

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Try this: => 1)
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This only worked for me if you have an attribute called count on photos.... But it is not the case.. – cpereira Jul 26 '12 at 20:07

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