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I'm trying to write a shader for unity using cg, and I'd like to know what accuracy my floats have, but I can't figure out how to use the sizeof command. When I attempt to use it, I get the error:

Shader error in 'Relativity/ColorShift': GLSL vertex shader: ERROR: 0:433: 'sizeof' : Reserved word.  at line 218

218 is the line that says "CGPROGRAM".

Can anyone tell me if there's either a standard size using the arbvp1/arbfp1 profile for a float or how to use the sizeof command?

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the standard size will be (hopefully) written here:, in the Data Types section (currently says "to-be-written")

meanwhile, you can try to assume that, as per Cg specs, float is 32 bit.

as for sizeof, it's a reserved word, but not implemented, at least not as a library function

in Cg runtime (but not in Unity) you could use cgGetParameterResourceSize()...

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