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I am trying to find a API for querying business information based on {street_address, city, state, zip, etc} or {lat, long} and business type (restaurant, bar, lodging, shopping, golf, etc). I would like to be able to retrieve information such as business URL, phone number, and any other related information.

I have checked out Google's APIs, and it seems as though most of the useful APIs have been deprecated and restricted to the point it is not a viable option. Yelp! is functioning as I need it to, but cannot extend searches outside of US, which is a major portion of the functionality I require.

Anyone know of any viable options?

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Dunn & Bradstreet have all this info - while I've never used their APIs, if you have a budget for this it's probably worth investigating.

D&B Direct: http://www.dnb.com/sales-marketing/companies-contacts-api/16701432-1.html

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