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I want to scroll the background in android. I have a scrollview which has many views. I need to implement a way wherein i need to scroll only the background while adding the views. I came across many forums but none of them are very clear. Please give an idea or references to implement it. To give more idea for what i am looking for is, Just consider a bike game wherein the background road image moves while riding the bike. I just need similar implementation while scrolling the screen.

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Maybe you could do like this:

  • RelativeLayout as the parent
    • ScrollView with your image set as background
  • Then the other views, but outside of the ScrollView and inside of the RelativeLayout.



 <OtherViews />




I think that something like this might work. You see, the RelativeLayout is the parent. Then comes your other views, on the top of your ScrollView. Then, after your other views tag, comes the ScrollView, with only a background. I'm not sure if a background tag would work, so maybe you should remove the android:background="@drawable/yourbackground" and put an ImageView inside of the ScrollView.

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Thanks Gabriel. But i could not understand "Then the other views, but outside of the ScrollView and inside of the RelativeLayout." Will you please explain a bit –  amandroid Jul 6 '12 at 6:11
@ArunMG Take a look at the edit. –  Comic Sans MS Lover Jul 6 '12 at 13:34

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