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I have a login script, and now I am trying to build a logout for it. I am using both cookies and sessions within CodeIgniter, and despite doing the below, the cookies still manage to stick and I can't figure out why. Allegedly this is the way to kill cookies via CI but I logout, close the page, go to another page and print_r($_COOKIE) and they will still be there.

delete_cookie('LongRemember', '', '0');
delete_cookie('AutoRemember', '', '0'); 
redirect('m/logout', 'refresh');
echo 'logged out';
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Does setcookie work? setcookie("LongRemember", $value, time()-3600); –  Parahat Melayev Jul 5 '12 at 17:11

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Using the cookie helper you can delete a cookie in two ways:

  1. delete_cookie("name");
  2. delete_cookie($name, $domain, $path, $prefix);

This function doesn't not accept expiry parameters.

Don't forget to load the helper: $this->load->helper('cookie');

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cookie helper is auto loaded :-) but in other words Im basically on the right path just not doing it right. I wlll have to give this way a try, thank you –  chris Jul 5 '12 at 18:03

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