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I have this domain model, grails-app/domain, named com.portal.Schedule.groovy having this properties:

Subject subject 
Room room
Day day
Time timeStart
Time timeEnd    
static embedded = ['timeStart', 'timeEnd']

Where in the object com.portal.Time is located in the src/groovy having this properties:

Integer hour
Integer minute
public Time(Integer hour, Integer minute) {
   this.hour = hour;
   this.minute = minute;

The problem is when I want to add a record using the BootStrap.groovy having this syntax:

new Schedule(subject: Subject.get(1), room: Room.get(1), day: Day.MON,
   timeStart: new Time(9, 0), timeEnd: new Time(11, 00)).save(failOnError: true)

I get this error message prior to finish to start-up:

Message: No default constructor for entity: com.portal.Time; nested exception is org.hibernate.InstantiationException: No default constructor for entity: com.portal.Time

How can I resolve this to have my Bootstrap.groovy running with the instance of Schedule with those attributes?

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2 Answers

Your Time constructor is set to private. That's why you're getting that error.

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Sorry for the late reply, I get the same error after changing the access of the constructor from private to public. –  NanoJava Jul 9 '12 at 17:04
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I've searched it thoroughly on Google how to solve this problem. It's seems groovy has almost the same feature with python regarding constructor or in other terms tuples in Python located here

After inserting the annotation to the class Time I can now code the constructor in multiple ways.

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