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In my WCF services, I have been sending all data in the body of the post as a Stream. When the stream is received, it is read to a string and deserialized to the object it is "supposed" to be.

I've been looking at using DataContracts and trying to see any pros or cons they have versus using a Stream. The biggest thing I've seen so far, is that it takes a bit of a redundant step away - I no longer have to read the stream to a string and deserialize it to an object.

Are there any other noticeable differences to these two approaches?

For example my definition currently looks like...

void LogOn(Stream input)

it would switch to...

void LogOn(LoginModel model)

Thanks in advance.

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I imagine that doing serialization/deserialization yourself will carry a performance penalty over the library methods. Also, your current approach does not expose any information about your parameters or return types, so you lose all the benefits of a strongly typed interface.

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