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I have a file to store Credentials and IP address for my application as Key Value pairs. However writes to this properties file reloads the application context in tomcat. I am writing to properties file as below

   URL propUrl=this.getClass().getClassLoader().getResource(PROPERTIES_FILE); FileOutputStream(propUrl.getPath()), null);


1.) Is there a way to detect a tomcat context reload in Java.


2.) Is there a way to prevent context reload and read the file

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Perhaps you could use a ServletContextListener:… - That's how we detect that our servlet context is initialized and destroyed. Not sure how/if it works with re-loads. – jahroy Jul 5 '12 at 17:31
  1. If the ServletContextListener is not helping. You can try using a LifeCycleListener
  2. Set the property reloadable=false to prevent reloading of the context.
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To disable automatic reloading of the context (which is the Tomcat term for the webapp), set the reloadable attribute of the <Context> element in the server config to false. See here for reference, search for "reloadable".

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