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I'd like to search the diffs of one file (ideally a set of files) for a specified set of revisions (or all). I'm looking for a diff report that is text searchable. I've got this:

hg diff -r 0:47131 .\TheFile.cs | grep 'theSearch' -Context 50

OK, that works well enough, but deciding how much context to include is an issue as well as finding the first and last revision. I can automate this better but it seems like it'll be a bit of work.

I'm wondering if there's a tool out there that will do this better. Maybe a diff report web page for the hg server?

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You can use hg grep to search the entire repo history.

For example:

hg grep --all --include .\TheFile.cs 'theSearch'

will find all instances of 'theSearch' in every revision of the repo. Without the --all flag, it stops at the first revision that includes the string.

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It's surprising that that didn't show up in my google search. Shrug. –  jcollum Jul 5 '12 at 19:09

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