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I'm trying to path a web address to a bash script run under cgi. I search a little and found this link. From what I understood, this line should separate the variable from it's value:

USERNAME=`echo "$QUERY_STRING" | sed -n 's/^.*username=\([^&]*\).*$/\1/p' | sed "s/%20/ /g"

So, reading about sed, I have concluded that this line should be sufficient for my needs:

url='echo "$QUERY_STRING" | sed "s/url=\(.*\)/\1/"'

where the input is

However, the variable get is the string is:

echo "$QUERY_STRING" | sed "s/url=(.*)/\1/" if I tried to remove the apostrophes I get an empty variable. Note that if I simply to the echo command I the desired effect.

How can I separate the url value?

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You need backticks ` (ASCII 96) not regular apostrophes '. As an alternative, url=$(commands ...). – tripleee Jul 5 '12 at 17:59
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You can use parameter expansion and you won't need sed.

echo "${QUERY_STRING##*=}"

To set a variable to that value:

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