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I'm looking to use terminal to execute mysql queries. I currently connect to a sql db via the sql workbench but would like to do this via terminal. Is this possible?

I've installed mysql via homebrew

when I hit mysql in terminal it says command not found, maybe I need to do something else besides the homebrew setup?

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Yes, if your mysql/bin is in your PATH env var, you just have to type mysql. Type mysql -? to see the options. – Denys Séguret Jul 5 '12 at 18:09
I get command not found – Tony Jul 5 '12 at 19:56
Try with mysql.exe. But Check your PATH environment variable before by typing set. – Denys Séguret Jul 5 '12 at 19:58

Go to the directory:


To execute the query from command line:

mysql -u [username] -p [dbname] -e [query]


mysql -u root -p database -e "select * from user"

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mysql --help

You can do also:

cat dump.sql | mysql -u user -p password database


echo "select * from abc;" | mysql -u user -p password database
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What about after you are inside the mysql terminal and are already connected to a specific database? Shouldn't there be a way just to run a query from there? – still_dreaming_1 Oct 27 '15 at 23:23
Nevermind, you just type the query at that point – still_dreaming_1 Oct 27 '15 at 23:27

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