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Wondering if anyone has thoughts on the following problem Mongo "schema" change:

We're changing the document in a collection from:




In essence, it's changing the definition of measurement from a map[string, double] to a map[string, map[string, double]]

There will be rules to key off such as: Change steps to distance map key (such as shown above) Change miles to distance map key Change minutes to time map key Etc. etc.

Any thoughts and/or suggestions?

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Assuming you're asking how to script the schema change, which wasn't quite clear in the question: I would do something like this, unless you have more cases for the document structure, or mixed cases:

// find all the measurement documents with steps
db.coll.find({"measurement.steps":{$exists:true}}).forEach(function(doc) {      
  // create a new distance subdoc with the steps
  doc.measurement.distance = {steps:doc.measurement.steps};
  // delete the old steps subdoc
  delete doc.measurement.steps;
  // save the document
// find all the measurement documents with miles
db.coll.find({"measurement.miles":{$exists:true}}).forEach(function(doc) {
  // create a new distance subdoc with the miles
  doc.measurement.distance = {miles:doc.measurement.miles};
  delete doc.measurement.miles;
// find all the measurement documents with minutes
db.coll.find({"measurement.minutes":{$exists:true}}).forEach(function(doc) {
  // create a new time subdoc with the minutes
  doc.measurement.time = {minutes:doc.measurement.minutes};
  delete doc.measurement.minutes;

You could pretty easily do the equivalent in the language/driver of your choice to ensure types, but it is probably faster to do in the shell. Hope it helps.

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