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I tried to use qsub -N "compile-$*" in Makefile and it gives the following error because $* equals to "compile-obj/linux/flow" in this case.

qsub: ERROR! argument to -N option must not contain / 

The whole command which I am using is:-

qsub -P bnormal -N "compile-obj/linux/flow" -cwd -now no -b y -l cputype=amd64 -sync yes -S /bin/sh -e /remote//qsub_files/ -o /remote/qsub_files/

Any idea how to include slash in naming while running qsub?


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I'm not familiar with qsub, but make just executes what command you supply it. So I suspect you constructed illegal qsub command.

Maybe Automatic-Variables section of GNU make can help you too.

Adding a whole rule to question can help.

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As it is clear from the question that with -N option we can't put slash in job names. But $* returns job names with slashes, hence an error. I was expecting something by which we can pass the job names with slash and it can execute the job. –  crazy_prog Jul 6 '12 at 4:58

I resolved the problem by manipulating the name passed to -N option by replacing / with -. It works for me. Thanks.

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