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This might be small question but I am not able to find answer to it. I wrote a library called Utilities and used java doc style comments. Using maven (m2e plugin in eclipse). I am using maven install option. I am getting a jar file and i am pushing the jar file to a central repository and reusing the same library in another project. I am able to use the lib and complete my project successfully but when I do ctrl click I am not able to see the library code from my project. I am also not able to see the arguments description when i hover my mouse on the methods.

I know that it is because My project is not finding sources and java doc .

So How can i generate sources , java doc for my library and attach them to my project using maven.


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You need to use the maven sources plugin found at this link:

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You must deploy sources and javadoc JARs along with library JAR. AFAIR you can either use:

$ mvn clean javadoc:jar source:jar deploy


$ mvn clean deploy -DperformRelease=true

See also:

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