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Why where clause filter works with [All subcategoty] member and not with [All_Category] member?

with member [All_Category] as
    ([Product].[Category].[All Products],[Measures].[Reseller Sales Amount])
member [All_SubCategory] as
    ([Product].[Subcategory].[All Products],[Measures].[Reseller Sales Amount])
    [Measures].[Reseller Sales Amount]} on 0
from [Adventure Works]
where [Product].[Category].&[4]


All_Categry     All_SubCategry      Reseller Sales Amount

$80,450,596.98  $571,297.93     $571,297.93
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Because the expression of [All_Category] change the current category.

I think [Product].[Category].[All Products] and [Product].[Subcategory].[All Products] do not belong to the same hierarchy.

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benoit thank you for your reply –  abianari Jul 5 '12 at 20:02

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