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How can I add a zindex value to the following string so that the pop-window is always on top?

string winopen = "Window.Open('Details - " + name + "', 'test.aspx', 'dest=" + destination.Value + "&id=" + id.Value + "', [250,250], [100,100], true); return false;";
button1["onclick"] = winopen ;
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have you try to give your window an focus?

var mywindow;
function OpenWindowOnTop(url)
{,'name', ... snip ...[250,250], [100,100], true);
   if (window.focus) {
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Suppose I have 2-3 opened windows and if I want to again reload the window#2, will this bring window#2 to the top of all windows? Currently, it refreshes #2 but keeps it behind. – Len Smith Jul 5 '12 at 19:12
you can search the open window by name and bring it with focus() to the front again – Mario Binder Jul 5 '12 at 19:15

You can also try using the Dependent Parameter, It will open the Popup as a Child Window.

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Add winopen.focus(); to bring focus to the newly created window.

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