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I tried this code:

var contextMenu = require("context-menu");
var menuItem = contextMenu.Item({
  label: "Test name",
  contentScript:  'self.on("click", function () {' + 
                  '"options.html", "_blank");' +

But when I click on the new Context menu item, I get the following error:

Security Error: Content at "le Site" may not load or link to chrome://browser/content/options.html.

Which permissions do I have to give of get?

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It seems that the relative address is resolved incorrectly in case of a content script - as a result you are attempting to open chrome://browser/content/options.html in a window which is correctly forbidden. Simply specify the full address and things should work:

'"", "_blank");' +
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If this is supposed to enter a page from the data folder in your add-on, you should first get the resource uri for the html page by using'options.html') and then include this in the content script string. – canuckistani Jul 6 '12 at 21:25

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