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i was comparing Jpeg2000 and Jpeg display speed using UIImage (UIImageView) and noticed that displaying Jpeg2000 is pretty slow compared to Jpeg.

Is this expected and are there and ways to speed it up?

Thanks, -r

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No, there is nothing you can do about that (except not using JPEG 2000, of course). JPEG 2000 requires much more CPU power to en- and decode than plain JPEG files. So even including a third party decoder will probably not bring a huge improvement.

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You can create a UIImage from JPEG 2000 data. The decoding process will be slower than decoding JPEG, but once it's decoded, displaying it in a UIImageView should be just as fast as any other format. If you have lots of JPEG 2000 images, you may want to cache the decoded images in NSCache.

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