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My java application creates .class files using jas ClassEnv. I need to be able to decompile these .class files and turn the contents into a string (so that it can be displayed in TextArea). All of the decompilers I have found are standalone programs, are there any integrated java libraries that can do this decompilation? Or Is there anyway I can get a string representation from the ClasseEnv object?

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Here are some options I found:

  1. back2code
  2. Soot + Dava
  3. jclazz
  4. jdec
  5. jode
  6. dcompiler
  7. jreversepro

Note: I have not used any of the above myself, so you will have to check if they support features you require, or if they are mature enough for your needs

Note: although some of the listed options are seemingly standalone programs, all that require Java to be executed (that is, you are not running an .exe for example -- but do check inside .bat/.sh scripts), you can invoke from your program: just add the appropriate .jar files to your application's classpath and you can access all the classes in them from within your program -- at the minimum you will be able to call the main() method in the default class of the .jar with the appropriate parameters. You might need to open a file (where the source of the decompiled .class is extracted) to access the source as a string in your program.

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