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Does anyone have a code example that follows best practices of using MongoDB Official C# Driver with Ninject in ASP.NET MVC app?

Mine looks like this:

namespace WebApp
    public class DataModule : NinjectModule
        public override void Load()
            var conventions = new ConventionProfile().SetElementNameConvention(new CamelCaseElementNameConvention());
            BsonClassMap.RegisterConventions(conventions, x => true);

            var server = MongoServer.Create(connectionString);
            var database = server.GetDatabase("webapp");

Since this code is singleton, I have a bad feeling about it :|


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MongoServer is just fine to keep as a singleton. The same is true of a MongoDatabase. They are both thread-safe and even if you create a new MongoServer and MongoDatabase every time, you will get back the same instances because they are cached underneath as long as the connection string is exactly the same.

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