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I had a file which I deleted and replaced with another file, somewhere else, of the same name.

Despite cleaning, and trying this multiple times, i keep getting this error:

clang: error: no such file or directory: '/Users/Andrew/App/Version 1.1/XCode/UIImage+Alpha.m'
clang: error: no input files

I can't continue working on my app because of it. Any ideas?

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when you deleted the file, did you just delete it in Finder, or did you delete the reference to that file in your Xcode project? Check for a leftover reference in the project navigator, or on a target's list of files in the project editor. –  bames53 Jul 5 '12 at 21:08

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The problem might be because your project > target > Build Phases > Compile Sources is trying to compile a file that doesn't exist. It might be in there twice, like the below screen shot. My project contains UIImage+FFXtras, I can even remove it and re-add it and this won't resolve the problem!

missing source file

I'm not sure how the project gets into this state - but I know it's not obvious what is going wrong. Highlight the red problem one and remove it.

So have a look in compile sources phase for the file clang is complaining about.

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Thanks, helped in my case –  brainray Oct 22 '12 at 21:26
Thanks a lot! helped me also –  Amit Jul 28 '14 at 13:46

In case everything fails (i.e. first try bames53 suggestion)

Ok, this might be dangerous so make a copy of your whole project first:

  • close Xcode
  • locate the project file in the Finder
  • right click, choose "show package contents"
  • open project.pbxproj in a text editor of your choice, but not Xcode
  • search for your file
    • at the beginning of the line that shows up, you'll see some id like 640450991409CF5C00B3B580. Search for this and delete any line you find.
    • pay attention, not to break the syntax (balance parenthesis and brackets, pay attention for commas)
  • when you are done, save the file and try to open the project in Xcode. Add the missing file via the Add file… dialog of Xcode. It is still in the folder of your project — if you added it successfully in the first place — you just got rid of all project references.
  • dont be surprised, if it doesnt work instantly — you have a copy. copy it again, new try.

And remember: make a copy of your whole project first — for every try. or copying the project.pbxproj might be enough.

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I use quite a few cocoa pods and have just had this happen to me. A quick "pods update" sorted things out for me. -phil

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