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I am using a custom prompt table (PS_AVZ_JD_JBCD_SRC) based on the JOBCODE_TBL record: SELECT a.jobcode , a.descr , a.eff_status , a.flsa_status ,a.job_family FROM ps_jobcode_tbl a WHERE 1=1 AND A.setid='GLOBL' AND a.effdt = ( SELECT MAX(a_ed.effdt) FROM ps_jobcode_tbl a_ed WHERE a_ed.jobcode = a.jobcode AND a_ed.effdt <= sysdate)

This ought to return both active and inactive jobcodes (I am not specifying this in the view). However, when I click the prompt button, only active jobcodes are returned. A SQL Trace shows the following SQL being fired: SELECT /*+ FIRST_ROWS */ JOBCODE, DESCR, EFF_STATUS FROM PS_AVZ_JD_JBCD_SRC WHERE EFF_STATUS<>'I' ORDER BY JOBCODE

Where is the eff_status criteria coming from? The prompt is on a non-key field if that matters...

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Apparently, EFF_STATUS is a "special" field & the component processor automatically applies eff_status (and effdt) logic on prompts. To get around this, I replaced the EFF_STATUS field with STATUS & my lookup works as I wanted it to.

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