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I am seeing inconsistent keyboard behavior when using <input type="number"> inside my Phonegap jQuery Mobile app. On Android 4.0.3, a simple page that includes <input type="number"> properly displays the Android numeric keyboard when the input element gets the focus. On more complicated pages, <input type="number"> displays the default Android keyboard and not the numeric keyboard.

This only occurs when I run my app as a native app packaged via Phonegap on my Acer Iconia A200 tablet which is running Android 4.0.3. If I run this same app on my iPad2 using iOS 5.1.1, all <input type="number"> elements properly display the numeric keyboard. If I run this app under Google Chrome on the Acer tablet, the proper keyboard is displayed for all <input type="number"> elements.

I am using jQuery Mobile 1.1 and Phonegap 1.8.1.

Is there something under jQuery Mobile that would cause type="number" to be ignored? And is there some way via HTML / JavaScript to force the numeric keyboard to display when an element gets the focus?

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Try removing this line from your CSS. This line was to avoid flickering on android phones, but it's not required now.

.ui-page {
    -webkit-backface-visibility: hidden !important;    

I tried resolving issues on Nexus, but trying to resolve one generates other issues. Transition performance can be poor on upgraded devices

Reference: Jquery Mobile Supported Platforms

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Phonegap, ICS (Android 4.0.3/4.0.4), and JQuery Mobile(JQM) do not play nice together at all!

I'm having keyboard issues, page (ajax) transitions issues, jquery validation issues - All of this has led me to the frustrating conclusion that ICS and JQM are not compatible!

The most frustrating part about it is that sometimes the pages do work, and other times they don't - totally inconsistent behavior! Grrrr!

JQTouch also does not play nice with ICS/Phonegap... although appears to work slightly bettter than JQM.

As far as i can tell, you have to implement a pure HTML/CSS/JS webpage if your using ICS/Phonegap.

All my testing was done via USB debugging on a 10.1 Samsung Galaxy Tab II on Eclipse.

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