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So in my JS web app, I open a popup window to an external website, which I cannot access because of security. The site redirects to my localhost when the user is done interacting, and it now contains info in the header. (http://localhost/authkey=12345). Is there any way I can detect server side when I get a connection to localhost and transmit this information back to my app?

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If the remote website is redirecting you back to your own app, you can use its GET or POST values.

You mentioned "server side" - in case you want to use server-side scripting, you have to learn some languages like PHP or ASP.

If you only want to deal with basic the basic things, you can still use Javascript.

I know about two libraries that can help you in parsing URLs:

If the remote website provides you POST information too, you will have to use server-side scripting to handle this data.

Just to know:

GET - the information in your URL, such as authkey=12345.

POST - Invisible to the client.

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