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How can I mock module functions of a self-written module inside my project?

Given the module and function

module ModuleA::ModuleB
  def self.my_function( arg )

which is called like

ModuleA::ModuleB::my_function( with_args )

How should I mock it when it's used inside a function I'm writing specs for?

Doubling it (obj = double("ModuleA::ModuleB")) makes no sense for me as the function is called on the module and not on an object.

I've tried stubbing it (ModuleA::ModuleB.stub(:my_function).with(arg).and_return(something)). Obviously, it did not work. stub is not defined there.

Then I've tried it with should_receive. Again NoMethodError.

What is the preferred way of mocking a module and it's functions?

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Giventhe module you describe in your question

module ModuleA ; end

module ModuleA::ModuleB
  def self.my_function( arg )

and the function under test, which calls the module function

def foo(arg)

then you can test that test that foo calls myfunction like this:

describe :foo do
  it "should delegate to myfunction" do
    arg = mock 'arg'
    result = mock 'result'
    foo(arg).should == result
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That's basically, what I tried. Thanks for the wrap-up. My problem however was, that I put that should_receive in an before :all block. Obviously that does not work. How stupid of me. – Torbjörn Jul 6 '12 at 6:41
@Torbjoern, Oh yeah. Been there. Glad you got it worked out. – Wayne Conrad Jul 6 '12 at 12:45

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