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I'm setting up CCNet to build our projects at specific intervals.

The current setting is to do integration builds throughout the day at specific time and do perform a deployment build in between the integration builds. I would like to use only one project as to track the modifications.

Below is my sample xml file i'm including in ccnet.config

      type ="scheduleTrigger"
        value="fullCI-without-deployment" />


  <modificationHistory onlyLogWhenChangesFound ="true" />

This doesn't seem to work for some reason. May be I should specify the property in a different way? As you can see, I would like to add another scheduleTrigger with different property value for deployment builds.

Thanks for your help Sanjeev

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Are you getting an error? – Babak Naffas Jul 6 '12 at 17:06
Nope. No errors. It just doesn't work. I had already spent enough time trying different ways to use a dynamic property from a trigger with no luck. Temporally falling back to use two different projects, one for builds and one for deployment – Sanjeev Jul 9 '12 at 15:43

I get the expected results when using parameters with a small p instead of a capital one. Please try…

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