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I've recently fell in love with Nitro (http://nitrotasks.com), but what got me very curious was that it was written in HTML, CSS and Javascript, yet, it is packaged as a multi-platform binary! How is this possible? Which toolkit are they using?

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Based on their Launchpad repository for Ubuntu, they are using Quickly.

For Chrome and Firefox, based on the Nitro GitHub page, it seems that they are just deploying it as a browser plug-in.

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I just checked the Nitro website, and it doesn't look like it is a multi-platform binary, after all. It looks like they have a version for Linux/Ubuntu, and also an extension (plugin) for Chrome. They also have a web version and a Firefox plugin, which isn't available yet.

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Ok, this isn't exactly an answer to your question, but I am assuming you're asking because you consider doing a similar thing yourself in which case it might be worthwhile to check out http://appjs.org/ which makes exactly this possible. Please do realize a lot might change and you should only use that if and only if you're willing to adapt to those change in the future.

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