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GoodDay! Is there a solution to assign a Javascript value to PHP Session.?

var radioVal = $(this,".margin_left25").val();  

$_SESSION['value'] = radioVal;
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You can't mix PHP and JS. You, however, can send a POST request via AJAX to the server to set this variable.

Take a look at jQuery.post()

Modified example from linked page:

$.post("test.php", { radioVal: $(this,".margin_left25").val() }, function(data) {
    alert("Data Loaded: " + data);

Then in test.php you can do

$_SESSION['value'] = $_POST['radioVal'];

Alternate Method (no AJAX)

Make a new image and set the source as your URL with your parameter.


var img = new Image();
img.src = "test.php?radioVal=" + encodeURIComponent($(this,".margin_left25").val());

There is no image, obviously, but it'll try to load the URL and your PHP will still execute.

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Thank you for the idea. I will try that with window.load. . :D –  Lilmer Jul 5 '12 at 22:40

You'll have to send a request to the server, and have PHP process that request. For instance, you could use an Ajax request (in jQuery):

$.post("setsession.php", {"value" : $(this,".margin_left25").val();  });

And in setsession.php:

$_SESSION['value'] = $_POST['value'];

Other ways to do this would be to submit the form, etc., but you must generate a request, via Ajax or otherwise, to have any interaction whatsoever between client (JavaScript) and server (PHP).

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No, not really. If you need it to set it as as session, send it via AJAX to the server, and then set it, that would work.

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