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I need to capture audio from microphone and after user stop talking application need to identify that user stopped talking. I have a Android 2.2 Froyo device and it has this kind of app. Since most of the apps written in Java, I was wondering how to do this. I searched everywhere, MediaRecorder Api but I couldn't find anything on that.

I'm using this tutorial and since this is general question I'm not going to post any coding.

I'm not using ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH intent, instead I use google speech-api, I record amr file and upload it to google speech api, and it provides me json with speech to text.

Problem is how I determine user stopped speaking.

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MediaRecorder cannot be used for that, but look into:

  • AudioRecord, which lets you capture raw audio which you can then analyze for pauses; or
  • SpeechRecognizer (since API level 8), which lets you call a speech recognizer which already implements the endpointer detection.
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