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Anyone know how to install SBCL binaries on cygwin?

I ask since I think the standard instructions are broken. See, I followed the instructions at http://www.sbcl.org/platform-table.html and had the following problems:

  • the "compile from source" option needs gnumake and gnumale is not a cygwin package

  • the other options lead to crashes (some strange image file not found or sbcl.exe not found)

So rather than fight thru all that, my planB is just to grab a binary.

Anyone know where one can be found?


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SBCL/win32 is not a cygwin binary, last time I checked, but a normal win32 application. So just download the binary, quite possibly the unofficial one (as there aren't enough win32 developers to work on windows port).

Building it from scratch might be a bit problematic, especially when you add Cygwin into the mix.

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