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I am using meta_search gem on my rails project. The database is an Oracle database and "like" is case sensitive. Does somebody know how I can create a new condition, or something, for get queries like this:

UPPER(NAME) LIKE UPPER('User Firstname')
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meta_search method class - first two code samples. Just instead of :backwards_name rewrite it to be :incasesensitive_name or whatever you want and add such text field to your search form.

UPPER() is built into Oracle AFAIR, so scope may look like this:

scope :incasesensitive_name, lambda {|name| where('UPPER(name) LIKE ?', "%#{name.upcase}%")}

Hope it helps.

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Just in case someone needs to do this with ransack:

ransacker :subject_cs, :formatter => proc {|v| v.downcase }, :splat_param => true, :type => :string do
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Just tried this with rism's oracle-enhanced gem, Rails 4, oracle 9i and it worked great! In my case, name_cs_cont generates sql including WHERE ((LOWER("FOOTBALL_PLAYER"."FIRST_NAME") LIKE '%brady%' – genkilabs Mar 11 '14 at 21:00
That's what it's supposed to do, glad i could help – Sano J Mar 12 '14 at 8:27

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