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I have a cell which contains any 4 letters, example akei, skiw. How do I ask

"if the 3rd letter is an i then equals True"

I was thinking something like

"=if(a1="??i?", True, False)"

But that dosen't Work

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=MID(A1,3,1) = "i"

Should work, you don't need to use IF, the evaluation using the equals will return either TRUE or FALSE

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@Blorgbeard Thanks for the edit –  Jesse Jul 6 '12 at 0:17

The MID function let you to select a portion of the text, if you set the Position Start and the numbers of characters you want

=MID(A1,3,1) = "i"

so you just compare it to "i"

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You could use the wildcard approach if you use COUNTIF like this


That will return 1 or 0 and effectively tests two things, that A1 contains 4 characters AND the third one is "i"

As with MID this isn't case-sensitive so 1 will be returned for both XXIX and zziz

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also =COUNTIF(A1,"??i*") if A1 contains more than 4 letters word. –  hims056 Jul 7 '12 at 4:38

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