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I'm tearing my hair out. On my mac, custom pretty errors are shown that I want to display to my users. When I deploy to my ubuntu box I get a minimal black and white error message instead.

I've got sinatra error handling, like so

set :raise_errors, false
set :show_exceptions, false

not_found do
    erb :'errors/not_found'

I assumed it was because I was running nginx and thin (on ubuntu) but if I bypass this stack and run direct I still have the problem on ubuntu.

ruby start.rb #I get a minimal black and white error


rackup -E production config.ru  #I get a minimal black and white error


rackup -E development config.ru  #I get rack stack trace

I get pretty error on my mac, regardless of how I start and even if I use Rack::ShowExceptions. I'm running ruby 1.9.2 and sinatra 1.3.2.

Any clues as to how I can get pretty errors to users in production?

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Okay, after several failed attempts to fix this over several weeks, I realised I was doing something stupid. I was missing [email_errors][to] in my production config.yaml. This was breaking my error_handler. Had I read the rack stack trace when I added 'use Rack::ShowExceptions' to my config.ru, I would have seen the problem, except I didn't read it because the error_handler was throwing the same error I was expecting from my test error. Stupid oversight.

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