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If the command in the shell is:

db.runCommand({"distinct":"log", "key":"cs_uri_stem"});

I figure out that the corresponding C# code is :

var command = new CommandDocument { 
                                            { "distinct", "log" }, 
                                            { "key", "cs_uri_stem"},

But how about the following command?

db.runCommand({"distinct":"log", "key":"cs_uri_stem", query:{ datetime: { $gt: new ISODate("2012-07-05T19:55:18.475Z"), $lt:new ISODate("2012-07-05T20:55:18.475Z")} }})

I can't figure out how to do it in C#...

Thanks in advance!!

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Also asked and answered at:


There's actually a helper method in MongoCollection that you can use. Your second distinct command could be coded in C# like this:

var collection = database.GetCollection("log");
var query = Query.And(
    Query.GT("datetime", new DateTime(2012, 7, 5, 19, 55, 18, 475, DateTimeKind.Utc)),
    Query.LT("datetime", new DateTime(2012, 7, 5, 20, 55, 18, 475, DateTimeKind.Utc))
var result = collection.Distinct("cs_uri_stem", query);
foreach (var distinctValue in result)
    // process distinctValue
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        Query.And(Query.GT("datetime", DateTime.UtcNow), Query.LT("datetime", DateTime.UtcNow));
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