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i am currently reading this book about games in python -

In this chapter -, autor solves a game called Bagels. Computer randomly generate 3-digit number, every number is unique. I wanted to solve this first, without reading the solution, so i came with this algorithm.

def check(user_number, my_number):
    for x in range(3):

        if pff[x] == pff2[x]:
            answer = answer + " Hit"

        if pff[x] == 0:
            if pff[x] == pff2[1] or pff[x] == pff2[2]:
                answer = answer + " Close"
        elif pff[x] == 1:
            if pff[x] == pff2[0] or pff[x] == pff2[2]:
                answer = answer + " Close"
        elif pff[x] == 2:
            if pff[x] == pff2[0] or pff[x] == pff2[1]:
                answer = answer + " Close"


It is only the function, which return string with hints for player. If you guess right number and right position, program write "Hit", if right number but wrong position - "Close".

Problem - there is something wrong with this algorithm.. Its completly weird, sometimes it works well, sometimes it is completely crazy.

For example - check("123","152") shoud return Hit and Close, but it return Hit, Close, Close. With check("123", "159") it returns Hit and Close, but it shoud return only hit.. I am very confused. Thank you for any help.. I am sure something is wrong with algorithm, but i cant find it.

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The if..elif chain should be checking 'x', not 'pff[x]', as in if x==0:. You want to check which iteration you're on, you're actually checking the character in the users answer. – brepro Jul 6 '12 at 1:44
Thank you a lot.. its a kind of mistake you are looking few hours on and you dont realize it.. im just dumb :( Thank you – user1505497 Jul 6 '12 at 2:04
@brepro: Answers belong in answers, not in comments. Please make an answer so it can be voted on. – Ethan Furman Jul 13 '12 at 6:46

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