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How can I insert an image to an RTF file. Inside the RTF file there is a placeholder text like {photo}. I want to place the image at this position using php.

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I found an open source PHP library that allows insertion of images to PHP-generated RTF documents. It's called PHPRTF.

Here's the sample code that inserts images: link

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Yes, i was able to inser the image to an RTF file. I used the RTF standard specification, and placed the hex code of the image preceded by some header values specified in the RTF document. –  coderex Jul 16 '09 at 8:44
When opening in a MS Word, it shows the image, but in Wordpad the image is missing. And I found that when placing the image manually in an RTF file generates some more code. like the same what i generated with the code + some more like "{\nonshppict" and the same header values + a very large hexa code. Inside that code there was the hex code for the image. But it is in between some other hex values. I dont know how this other hex is generated...that is on what basis.... –  coderex Jul 16 '09 at 8:45

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