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In my routes file I can easily put together a match that looks like this and works just fine

match '/:slug/:id' => "pages#show", :id => :id

the link in the view that this works for is

link_to, "/" + n.slug + "/" +

I'd rather not include the ID number in the URL so I was hoping to do something like

match '/:slug' => "pages#show", :slug => :slug

But the problem is this doesn't provide the id to the pages show controller. Is there some way of using the :slug to match it to the page in the database with this slug to find the :id so I can pass the :id to the controller?

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In your routes use this

match "/:slug" => "pages#show"

And in your controller find the page by slug using this

@page = Page.find_by_slug(params[:slug])
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Take a look at gem, it simplifies routing with slugs a lot.

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