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Is it possible for a BTLE (4.0) peripheral to remain advertising after a central has connected, and could another central then also connect simultaneously?

I can find nothing addressing this clearly, while it is clear that a central can connect to n-many peripherals at once.

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The Bluetooth Core Specification Version 4 says this on page 200:

"The Periph- eral role is optimized for devices that support a single connection and are less complex than central devices. Devices supporting the peripheral role only require Controllers that support the Controller’s slave role. The Central role supports multiple connections and is the initiator for all connections with devices in the peripheral role. Devices supporting the central role require a Controller that support the Controller’s master role and generally supports more complex functions compared to the other LE GAP roles."

Which looks like a no to me, but it's not quite as specific as you might have hoped.

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Great answer! Add a link to PDF for posterity? –  Ben Mosher Jul 10 '12 at 20:31
Found PDF Here: developer.bluetooth.org/KnowledgeCenter/TechnologyOverview/… (2,302 pages) –  watcher Jul 12 '12 at 18:27

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