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In attempting to compile a special blend of sqlite3 for Android, I ran into following

/Volumes/Projects/api9-arm/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-linux-androideabi/4.4.3/../../../../arm-linux-androideabi/bin/ld: .libs/sqlite3: hidden symbol `__cxa_begin_cleanup' in /Volumes/Projects/api9-arm/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-linux-androideabi/4.4.3/../../../../arm-linux-androideabi/lib/libstdc++.a(eh_arm.o) is referenced by DSO /Volumes/Projects/api9-arm/bin/../lib/gcc/arm-linux-androideabi/4.4.3/../../../../arm-linux-androideabi/bin/ld: final link failed: Nonrepresentable section on output collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

What does this mean? What is a hidden symbol? And how can I fix it?

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check your version of NDK that is installed and update it to the Latest available

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