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In my project call to the webservice generates URL of images which is different each time and it is timed which wont work like any other URL. When i click on that URL images gets downloaded in my drives. But i want to save it in my db.

I Have seen this Link and tried with it. But for my auto generated URL type that code wont work. Anyone has idea about how to get to know how to save the webservice auto generated URL in my sqlite?

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As i analyzed the problem what i think is you will have two ways doing it

1) Storing the downloaded image inside sqlite and displaying it. Download an image and store in sqlite in android local db

2)or else just do how they have done in this blog http://www.getablogger.blogspot.in/2008/01/android-download-image-from-server-and.html

may be you might get better way. ALL THE BEST

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