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Hi I have a quick question regarding json responses from the web services, I built a restful WCF service to return JSON response but the response is all messy as it a Ilist<object> with 60 counts. How can i format this array like google or yahoo APIs to make them easily readable e.g

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I am not too sure why you want to format your Json response, it should be your service client which should do the formatting if required. You am look at the Json Pretty Printer/Beautifier Library For .Net, which takes Json string as input and return a formatted Json string.

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You can use JSON.stringify, the third parameter is the number of spaces to indent.

JSON.stringify({name: "jason"}, null, 4)


    "name": "jason"
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It's not C# but it is the correct JavaScript solution, Which is what 'I' wanted. –  tomwrong Aug 17 '12 at 10:26

I think no need to format it. it's very good to use compressed json. But you can still do that check this question. Otherwise write in your docs that you can use some online formatter to format json. I worked with json restfull api and I prefer to use compresses json.

  1. Json formatter
  2. Json tree viewer
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